Started as a Betel nut shop, Mr. A.K.Velusamy took the chance of opening a small 4-seater hotel which made him realize that his wife’s unique style of Parotta had potential to go places. Started by serving his locality, the parotta brought in many fans from the neighboring cities. Our restaurant, Virudhunagar Burma Kadai offers a sophisticated dining experience for those seeking to explore beyond the ordinary and discover the full potential of south-indian dining experience. Promising an elite experience, each table will have a designated ‘captain’ that provides personalized service to the regal guests. We have carefully handpicked the staff from all over India and have been given special training. The restaurant situated near the Virudhunagar Municipal office is the most recently opened branch. This is situated in an area of 3800 sq ft with a seating capacity of 72 same time dining including 16 seats in a private air conditioned dining area.

The branch situated near Apsara Theater is as good as the Municipal office branch over a 1500 sq ft building, accommodates 64 people at a time including 16 seats in a private air conditioned dining area.

The oldest branch where the restaurant started its initial functioning is presently not operational at this point of time. We strictly follow a no-smoking, no-alcohol consumption in our premises policy, thus giving you a delightful ambiance to cherish your fun filled moments with family, and friends.


Those who want to be a part of a nice comfortable hassle-free Cineplex will enjoy the new look Burma Kadai. And its reliable menu is always there like a bonus.